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Our Sections:

THE ARTS analyzes the continuities between artistic works and their relation to prevalent themes in political culture. We consider various forms of work from multiple eras of human history, whether it be visual or auditory, and investigate the political claims the artist may have attempted to reference. Art has not only been a whimsical activity that juxtaposes human life’s logistical nature, but also provides people with an expressive medium to advocate for change. 

LITERATURE & LANGUAGE explores the rhetoric of contemporary politics, what literary voices have to say about the human condition, and everything in between. From book reviews to articles on slang, L&L investigates how words shape the world around us. Language is the foundation for our political discourse, and we seek to understand such dialogues through a literary lens.

ECONOMICS explores the core ideas that drive the way markets develop and evolve. This is done by examining current global trends, effects of public policies, emerging markets, or large changes in industries. Great importance is placed on the readability of this section, so terminology specific to the world of economics will be clearly defined and explained wherever possible. 

HISTORY takes a look at how the past connects to our daily lives, diving into the development of political thought, the economy, human rights, and above all, the mystery of humankind. History is written by the winners - but we aim to bring about a new, fresher perspective on how history can be reshaped and re-evaluated to change the future. 

HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT examines the relationships between well-being and characteristics such as race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and religion. We will provide insight into both physical and mental health, not only at an individual level but also at larger scales, looking at societal and global trends.

CULTURE explores the ever important links between the values, traditions, patterns, and beliefs present within society and its political landscape. In an increasingly globalized society, our lives are further interconnected with those from around the world. Thus, we seek to understand the influences of modern cultural foundations, such as media, technology, and movements, while highlighting their importance in the realms of national and international politics.

CONVERSATIONS presents discussions between our writers and experts to better understand a diversity of perspectives that interact with the implications of politics and culture on our society. Each conversation aims to portray the flexible nature of the word "politics" and its influence on multi-faceted experiences, backgrounds, and passions. 

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